Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My Makeup Organization

I purchased these drawers on muji.com for about $25.
They have a bunch of other awesome stuff that you can purchase also.

I bought two a and they each have 5 drawers. 
This is only a little bit of my makeup because I keep a majority of the makeup in my car.
I have to get to school super early (for me- I am NOT a morning person!) at about 6 AM, so I will usually do my makeup in the car.

As an organization freak I think this is an awesome way to organize everything and look cute and chic at the same time.

On the left:
1st Row: Lip Products (Tarte)
2nd Row: Nailtini Nail Polish (I ran out of room on my rack)
3rd Row: Mascara and eyeliner
4th Row: Concealer and eyebrows
5th Row: Eyeshadow pallets

On the right:
1st Row: Lip Products (Mostly e.l.f.)
2nd Row: Face Powder, bronzer, and blush
3rd Row: Eyebrows (kinda obsessed with eyebrow products)
4th Row: More lip products and loose eyeshadows

Around Christmas I bought they 3 pack of Tarte Lip Glosses! (review and swatches coming soon)

Nailtini Nail Polishes (you can find these online!)

Mascara and Eyeliner (Ulta eyeliner is my fave)

L'Oreal BB Cream is amaze balls! (Thanks ItsJudyTime - my favorite beauty guru)

Eyeshadows and some various lip products. 
I am in LOVE with the e.l.f. single eyeshadows.

Eyebrow razor for in between wax or threading and e.l.f. compacts that are fantastic.

Miscellaneous face products, which is mostly Physicians Formula. 
(3 for $8 at Ross. Normally about $15 a piece)

Ulta and NYX Pallets

Chanel Mascara, Victoria Secret (Beauty Rush) eyeshadows, and PINK lipstick

e.l.f. Lip Glosses, Body Shop Lip Glosses, and VS Lip Gloss


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