About Me

My name is Taylor and I'm 17, so I'm still in High School. 
You can expect to see posts about all things beauty; everything from makeup to the best hair products, to hauls and reviews. 
Being a thrift person, I will also be posting about clearances, coupons or awesome things I find at the thrift store.
I love looking at hauls in order to see what other people are buying at the moment, as well as what great deals are out there. 
I started this blog because as much as I love to watch Youtube videos, I also love to read about products in order to get a more in depth review. 
One day I was looking through some of my favorite fashion/beauty blogs and I had different opinions about some of the products they were reviewing, so I thought I could voice my own opinion. 
I hope to give others insight on some things they may want to try or have never heard of before as well as inform people of the greats deals that are out there.
I will update my blog at least once a day and sometimes up to 4 posts a day. 
You can always send me an email through the tab that says contact me. 

Thanks for reading,