Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review : Rimmel London Concealer

I just applied it underneath my eye area, but I don't have dark circles so I used it to brighten my eye area a bit.

There is actually a lot of product for a concealer at 0.23 fluid ounces
I really like how it has a brush instead of a doe foot applicator or no applicator at all.
It is very creamy and not as liquidy as it appears.

I got this product for about $3.00 at CVS during their semi-annual clearance. 
I decided to give it a try because it was such a great price.

Overall, I wouldn't say it is my absolute favorite concealer, but for a drug store concealer I think it does its job pretty well!
It covers well and brightens darker spots, just like it promises.


Mitch n' Cameron's Pitch Perfect Cups Remix

This is so random for my blog, but this was hilarious!
I love the high five at the end!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

L;Oreal : Caught Red-Handed

'Caught Red-Handed'
I am undecided about this brand of nail polish.
It is kind of all over the place because on some of the colors, the formula is awesome but others aren't pigmented at all.
This color is very pigmented and covers well with 2 coats.
It dries smooth and doesn't take long to dry.
I purchased this at CVS during their semi-annual clearance so it was only $1.
It also came with a free nail polish remover (CVS brand).


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color : Natural

Matte, nude lips are my favorite, so when I saw this online I ordered it right away!
It was only $3.00 and lasts for about 2 hours without eating or drinking.

This is a great lip product for everyday wear!
You can find this at Target or


Monday, February 25, 2013

Review : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

This is by far my favorite product that NYX has ever created!
These are creamy, yet they dry and don't rub off very easy when you eat or drink.
They have a variety of colors ranging from deep reds to nude pinks.
The quality of the product is amazing because it feels very hydrating on the lips and doesn't enhance the cracks.



You can find these at Ulta or online at for only $6.00.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cat Eyes : What I Use

Sorry for my tired eyes! 
I took these photos at about 10 PM!:]

I have always loved this eyeliner because it isn't patchy and you don't need to go over it multiple times.
It's also very inexpensive, which is always great!

The felt tip gives an easy way to apply the liner and it also helps it stay thin towards the inner part of the eye.
You can find this online at Jordana Cosmetics for only $3.00.
They usually have pretty good sales though.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To : Smoke Signals Smokey Eye

This is a pallet that I purchased at Target around the holidays for $10.00.
I'm not a profession makeup artist!
This is just the way that I like to apply my makeup and some of the products that I use.

 First, I put a layer on the lavender all over the lid.
(I found the Soho brush for $2.00 at Big Lots)

Then, I put this darker bronze color lightly in my crease just to give it some definition. 
(I found the Soho brush for $2.00 at Big Lots)

Next, I take an eyeliner brush and put a little bit of this darker purple underneath my bottom water line just to tie in the purple on top of the lid.
(The Avon brush was a gift!)

Lastly, just add a bit of mascara to enhance your eyelashes and make them look thicker.
(I love this brand 'Prestige'. I have only ever seen it at Ulta. This brand imitates other high quality brands)

This is the final outcome!
I hope you guys liked how it turned out and again this is just the way that I do a smokey eye. 
I know some people like to make it darker or stand out more, but I am all about the whole saying 'less is  more'.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Hair Products

I always use either one of these on damp hair before I blow dry my hair.
Paul Mitchell = Around $20.00
Biosilk =  $15.00 to $30.00

I use this after I blow dry my hair, just before I straighten/curl it.
Chi Silk Infusion = $25.00

Just use a little bit of this on your ends right before you blow-dry your hair because it dies get a little oily feeling and the smell is really strong!
It's a 10 = $12.00

I use this just at the roots to give it some volume. 
It doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy or stiff so I really love it.
TRESemme 24 hour body = $9.00


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revlon Nail Polish : Minted

I love this color, BUT the formula was not good. 
This was on clearance at CVS so I bought it, but I think it might have been old or just not a good polish. 
You need AT LEAST 3 coats and if you do more than that it will 'bubble' when it dries.

I have some other nail polishes by Revlon, but I have never been a huge fan.

No wonder it was 75% off...

I prefer a thicker brush also..


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revlon ColorStay : Bold Sangria

I found this on clearance during CVS's clearance, so I only paid maybe $2.00.
I have tried Revlon nail polishes and wasn't a big fan, but these are a different kind under the same brand, so I decided to give it a try.
Just like the other Revlon polishes, the surface bubbles and doesn't have a consistent coverage.
I really wish I could love Revlon nail polishes because they have such a wide variety of colors!
In the end, I returned this product even though it was only a few dollars.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review : Baby Lips

The buzz about these lip products spread really fast and I was so excited to try these!
I have already been through 2 other ones..

'Pink Punch'
I love this color because it is very buildable and you can see that it is highly pigmented.

This is a great color for just an everyday look because it is clear!
This product is a great alternative to a normal chapstick.

'Peach Kiss'
Normally, I don't like to wear shimmery lip products because I think they look funny on me, but this color is a nude and looks natural.
Overall, this product is fantastic and doesn't feel sticky.
It is super moisturizing and doesn't dry out your lips.
These are great also because they have SPF 20 to protect your lips from the sun.
You can find these at any local drug store, but a lot of the time they are sold out!
I believe they cost about $4.00 a piece.


Monday, February 18, 2013

ESSIE Cute As A Button

I love this nail polish color! I got it on sale (50% off) at Fred Meyer when I was visiting Spokane, WA.
So this costs me $4.00!

Again...sorry for the bad quality!

Then I used my holy grail base coat and top coat (Top 2 Bottom) by ORLY.

 'Cute As Button'


Sunday, February 17, 2013

e.l.f. Cream Eyeshadows

These cream eyeshadows are awesome, but you need to wear a primer or else it will settle in your crease.
The product feels creamy when you first put it on, but it settles and dries to feel less cake-y.
You can wear this product for a natural, more subtle, look or wear it for a night out.
I bought these two in colors Pewter and Dawn for $3.00 at Target.
This is a great deal for only $3.00 and since e.l.f. ALWAYS has amazing sales, you could probably get free stuff or half off!
The swatches in the picture above show how pigmented the colors are.
I would say that they last for about 3-5 hours without having to re-apply.

I like the packaging because it is nice and bulky, but for the amount of product is in there, it is a waste of space and plastic to make it.
The packaging looks very high-end and sleek.
(I also love the names because they sound very Twilight-ish!)
You can find these at e.l.f.'s online website or Target.
You should try these out because they are not that expensive and it's a great alternative to buying an expensive eyeshadow.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Essence : Dance All Night

I had never heard of this brand until I went into a Fred Meyer store (which we don't have in California) and saw that they were having an awesome sale (I soon found out they carried this brand at Ulta)!
I decided to try a few of the products and this is one of them that I picked up.
Even though this brand is really inexpensive they have amazing quality products. 
It kind of reminds me of e.l.f. products in that it is so cheap, but the products are quality.
I found this at Ulta for only a few dollars ($1.00 to $3.00)
This eyeshadow is super sparkly it is hard to just get it on your eyes!
I would use this over another color because it isn't pigmented enough to use as a color by itself.


Friday, February 15, 2013

ESSIE Curtain Call

Garage sale shopping is so fun because you NEVER know what you are going to find!
I found this gem and the lady sold it to me for about 50 cents
At the moment, nude pinks are very popular so this was a great find!
I love how it isn't just an average pink; it has a slight shimmer.
You would have to do 3-4 coats because it is so translucent.

It looks older because the bottom of the nail polish looks very different from the way it looks now.
I'm not sure if nail polishes expire, but the products still looks fine when you paint your nails.
You can find this at your local drug store or Ulta, which always has amazing coupons.
It costs around $8.00, but quality polishes are worth it!


e.l.f. Glossy Gloss : Ballet Slippers

This is my favorite lipgloss ever!!
It was great pigment and isn't stick what so ever.
It's not long lasting because it is a gloss, but if you don't east or drink it might last 2 hours.
I bought this online during elf's buy one get one free sale and I fell in love with the color!
 It was practically only $1.50 because it was buy one get one free. 
You can find this at Target for $3.00 and the color is Ballet Slippers even though you can't really tell in the picture.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hot Tools Styling

I hope everyone had an awesome day with your significant other or friends!

Ever since I got my hair done at the hair salon and the lady used a HOT TOOLS Curling Iron, I have been a firm believer in anything HOT TOOLS hair care.

I got this hair dryer a few years back so I don't know if you could find this exact one in-store or online.
Even though it is a few years old, it still works like a charm.

You can find a Hot Tools blow dryer at Ulta or Sally's Beauty for around $40.00 to $60.00.

It goes all the way up to 450 degrees.

This curling iron is my favorite because it gives you perfect wavy curls!

This curling iron is on sale at Ulta right now for $50.00.