Friday, February 08, 2013

French Manicure with Flowers

I want to start off by saying sorry for the bad quality! I took these with my iPhone so...
First, I put on the tip guide to keep from painting below the  line, then I used a white from OPI.
Two coats is perfect because it is not too thick and covers perfectly.
Next, put the pink top coat only on the part without the white to give it a pink tint.
Put a clear coat on top of the whole nail and stick the flower on top.
All you have to do is a top coat over that and you are good to go!

I uses these little flowers sometimes just to make a boring manicure cuter! 
I found these at a dollar tree, but I have seen them at the 99 cent store and other stores like that. 
To make them stick on my nails, I put on a clear top coat and then place a flower in the place I want it and then put another top coat on top of it.

These are my favorite 'tip guides' because they are inexpensive and they come with this cute little holder that keeps them organized. 
These are the brand 'essence' and cost me about $3.00.
You can find these at Ulta or if you are in the right area, Fred Meyer.

I love pink and white French Tips because they look classy and elegant! 
This is a great clear coat that gives off a hot pink! 
I found this at Sallys beauty, but you can also find this at your local CVS or Ulta.


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