Sunday, February 17, 2013

e.l.f. Cream Eyeshadows

These cream eyeshadows are awesome, but you need to wear a primer or else it will settle in your crease.
The product feels creamy when you first put it on, but it settles and dries to feel less cake-y.
You can wear this product for a natural, more subtle, look or wear it for a night out.
I bought these two in colors Pewter and Dawn for $3.00 at Target.
This is a great deal for only $3.00 and since e.l.f. ALWAYS has amazing sales, you could probably get free stuff or half off!
The swatches in the picture above show how pigmented the colors are.
I would say that they last for about 3-5 hours without having to re-apply.

I like the packaging because it is nice and bulky, but for the amount of product is in there, it is a waste of space and plastic to make it.
The packaging looks very high-end and sleek.
(I also love the names because they sound very Twilight-ish!)
You can find these at e.l.f.'s online website or Target.
You should try these out because they are not that expensive and it's a great alternative to buying an expensive eyeshadow.


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