Thursday, December 13, 2012

ORLY Top 2 Bottom

I have tried almost every top coat out there, and this is the holy grail of top/base coats.
I use this every time I paint my nails, and they won't chip for close to a week.
Because I paint my nails almost every day or every other day I go through about a bottle every two months!
I also love that it is a two in one deal, so you don't have to get a bottle of top coat and bottle of base coat out every time you feel like painting your nails.
You can find this at Sally's Beauty or Ulta for around $10.00.
Sally's usually has great sales on their nail polishes like buy one get one free and/or a free clutch.
You can also find this at CVS, but it is a little bit more expensive but a lot more convenient.
Even though it is a little more pricey than your average drug store nail polish, it is a great investment if you love smooth, shiny nails!


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